30 minute Derby Discoverer Scenic Flight

Desde AUD 399,00 AU$
  • Duración: 30 Minutos (aproximadamente)
  • Ubicación: Derby, WA
  • Código de producto: DBY-30

Scenic Helicopter Flight Over Derby: A Journey Through the Heart of the Kimberley

Take to the skies on a breathtaking adventure that unveils the unparalleled beauty of Derby and the surrounding Kimberley region from a perspective few have the privilege to see. This scenic helicopter flight is an invitation to witness the awe-inspiring landscapes of the Kimberley, where the intricate patterns of the Derby mudflats meet the lush, verdant expanses of mangroves, and the vivid colours of nature paint every view.

As you soar above, you may catch sight of saltwater crocodiles sunning themselves on the creek shores offering a thrilling glimpse into the area's rich wildlife. The journey continues over King Sound, where the stunning views of water mingling with land showcase the dynamic beauty of the huge tides and their effect on the landscape. 

The tour provides a unique aerial perspective of the town of Derby itself, allowing you to appreciate the layout and beauty of this remote Australian community nestled among some of the most stunning natural scenery the country has to offer. Throughout the flight, our experienced pilots share their knowledge of the region, pointing out significant landmarks and sharing stories that bring the landscape to life.

This helicopter tour is an unforgettable experience, perfect for nature lovers, photographers, and anyone looking to add a touch of adventure to their journey through the Kimberley. It’s not just a flight; it’s an exploration of the heart of one of Australia’s most breathtaking regions, offering views and insights that ground-based travels cannot match.

Embark on this aerial adventure over Derby and discover the Kimberley from an entirely new perspective. Book your flight today and prepare for an experience that will lift you out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary.

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